Replacement of all wood joinery with aluminum

One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve the comfort of your home is to act on the closures and woodwork.
By replacing aging woodwork with new, custom-designed woodwork, you immediately gain:

– Luminosity
– Energy performance, you avoid heat loss
– Comfort of use, because newer windows, correctly installed and adjusted, can be used, opened and closed very easily
– Phonic performance that instantly reduces the noise level of your interior

We were asked to replace all the windows in a house from wood to aluminum.


Replacement of woodwork with new installation

To begin with, we removed all the old wooden joinery. We installed all the aluminum structures with a technique of pause in new, this one allows to use the available space to its maximum, this for gain in luminosity.

This technique also allows for better energy performance, because it is in direct contact with the building (unlike a pause in renovations which is based on an existing structure).

The secret of the installation of joinery, the finishing touches

In the context of a renovation, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the removal side. Indeed, it is imperative to avoid damaging the existing equipment such as walls, facade, as well as floors tesla as parquet and tiles.

This phase of removal is a crucial step in the framework of a replacement of joineries because the more meticulous and careful the removal will be, the easier it will be to carry out the installation with a quality finish and thus an impeccable project.

Finally, the choice of the aluminum structure is also important because it allows to improve the comfort of use for example by choosing a structure that can be repositioned at exactly the same height as the floor of the room and thus avoid having a step to cross or a door threshold.


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