For optimal protection of your products, opt for a quality commercial storefront . Such an installation also reflects your professionalism, since it constitutes the main showcase for attracting your prospects. So be sure to equip yourself with aesthetic materials to enhance the facade of your store.

What equipment to create your commercial facade in the Alpes-Maritimes?

Favor the expertise of Servibat if you are established in the Alpes-Maritimes. Indeed, our company aims to assist you in setting up effective merchandising, through a variety of offers consisting of high-end closures, blinds and glazing. In this regard, we reveal here the equipment necessary for the success of your project. But before that, here are the reasons which should motivate you to seek our services

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An experienced local company

When prospecting for a storefront designer, you should choose a company close to your store. This criterion will obviously facilitate interactions between the specialist and you. However, opt for a local craftsman with a good reputation . In this context, Servibat is recommended for traders operating in the Alpes-Maritimes. Our company was established in this department in 1992. Since then, we have satisfied many professionals. In addition, our experience has allowed us to master the specificities of storefront equipment and to design them according to the required standards.

A tailor-made design

At Servibat, we are convinced that each point of sale expresses its own needs in terms of storefront installation. To do this, we offer tailor-made creations . Therefore, before the project starts, we dispatch one of our technical teams to your commercial premises. This will take care of collecting your aspirations and carrying out an inventory.

At the end of this stage, our experts offer you a layout plan in line with the type of products you are exhibiting, the architecture of your building, your environment and the image you want to convey to your customers. We still remain open to all your suggestions so that the finish truly meets your requirements.

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vitrier facade magasin

An installation according to standards and activities

Our company is not only renowned for the design of high-end commercial facades. We also have trained and qualified workers for installation that complies with the DTU . Our installations therefore provide you with comfort, security and optimal thermal insulation.
In addition, we offer burglar-proof glazing for the security of your products. If you sell clothing, for example, prevent them from fading by installing glass surfaces with a UV filter. Our anti-reflective devices also optimize your visibility.
So, what storefront accessories do we offer you?

Motorized metal shutters

In order to effectively protect yourself against burglaries and acts of vandalism, contact Servibat for the installation of a motorized metal shutter. In fact, this closure offers you maximum security, due to its solid blades and its robustness. Furthermore, this installation is not only functional. Coated with epoxy paint, it adapts to all colors . You can therefore personalize it as you wish, in order to decorate your facade. You can also control it from a remote control.

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Projection blinds

To protect your commercial facade from the sun, without completely obscuring it, nothing better than our projection or Italian blinds . These are light, tilting installations, to be placed above a window or display case. By opting for this solution, you can decide the degree of shade during the day. In addition, we can print your logo or an advertising message on this exterior awning.


Glazed surfaces

Optimize the lighting inside your real estate agency, restaurant or hair salon. You will thus be able to enhance your customers’ stay. In this context, we recommend the installation of glass panels to your openings. These surfaces will therefore let daylight in and allow your products to be discovered from the outside. You can order them with your logos, for more aesthetics. These installations also increase your security, given that we make them from burglar-proof windows.

Our extensive product and equipment range combined with our craftsmanship, allows us to design and produce your shop front.
For you showcasing and protecting your products, welcoming your customers and a comfortable interior are major criteria which we will be sure to meet. Metal shutters, anti-intrusion glazed shop fronts, anti-UV treatment, exterior and interior blinds etc. We have adapted our range of domestic products to for business use and merchandising.


LED/illuminated pelmets: the touch of elegance for your store front

Beyond the traditional equipment that adorns a commercial storefront, technological developments and the growing need for nighttime visibility have introduced a new trend: LED/illuminated lambrequins. These accessories are not just decorative elements, but also powerful marketing tools to enhance your store and attract more customers.


Why opt for an LED/illuminated valance?

  1. Increased visibility : Thanks to their LED lighting, these pelmets allow you to highlight the name of your business or specific promotions, even after dark. Constant visibility, 24 hours a day.
  2. Energy saving : LEDs are known for their low energy consumption while providing intense, quality light.
  3. Personalization : Depending on your preferences, pelmets can be personalized in terms of colors, patterns and even light sequences.

With the LED/luminous pelmets offered by Servibat, give your business the chance to stand out, attract and retain the attention of your prospects and customers. For quality lighting, reduced energy consumption and unrivaled aesthetics, choose an innovative solution. Contact us now to find out how we can enhance the facade of your store in the Alpes-Maritimes.

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