Sliding shutters Nice & Villefranche sur mer

Gone are the days when windows and doors were considered exclusively functional accessories. Indeed, for the renovation of your home, now consider installing designer closures, to enhance your facade.

Which sliding shutter installer to contact in the Alpes-Maritimes?

Opt for sliding shutters . This equipment is distinguished by its elegance and above all by its ease of use.
However, you will need the services of a specialist in the field, in order to provide you with installations compatible with your needs. As such, our company Servibat is recommended for professionals and individuals residing in the Alpes-Maritimes. Here are the reasons to seek our expertise for the installation of sliding shutters on the Côte d’Azur.

Closures made from durable materials

At Servibat, we favor sliding aluminum shutters. This stainless material gives good resistance to our products against bad weather. Furthermore, they do not discolor. You will therefore make a long-term investment, thanks to our know-how. However, our offers are much more advantageous.

Our aluminum sliding shutters are suitable for new constructions and those undergoing renovation. Whether your facade is: rendered, wood, stone, brick, concrete or ceramic, our closures will enhance the finish of your building. You can also make this the option, whatever your decoration. These are also contemporary style devices.

They are compact and easy to handle. In fact, to open them, simply move them sideways on the rail. The most advanced models are equipped with a motor. You can therefore control them remotely, using home automation technology. So make your life easier by choosing our exceptional quality shutters. 


Custom sliding shutters

At Servibat, each project is a new challenge to take on, given that we want to offer personalized services to our clients. To achieve this, we take advantage of the malleability of aluminum to develop a variety of models and various colors. In addition, thanks to the creativity of our technicians, we succeed in installing sliding shutters that reflect your personality.
Apart from the quality of our products, our company stands out for other qualities.

volet coulissant nice

Extensive experience in installing sliding shutters

Sliding shutters are modern closures that are complex to install. Reason why you must choose a competent company . In this matter, rely on our expertise . In fact, we have been operating in the sector for almost 30 years. We therefore have the necessary experience to guarantee you equipment of impeccable quality. Also, our workers are at your disposal to deliver closures that meet your requirements.

You can completely trust us for the installation of sliding shutters in your home, because we have different certificates. We are also a Qualibat company , proof of the reliability of our products. Somfy, Dickson, Qualicoat, Cekal, NF and CE are among other certifications which testify to the credibility and modernity of our products.

Custom projects, adopt aluminum for your shutters!

The sliding shutter now constitutes a decorative element on your facade.

In a very contemporary style, it closes your opening by lateral movement on a rail which can be motorized.
For large openings, the leaves can also be folded one behind the other thanks to a storage rail which will avoid cluttering your facade.
This modern design of the traditional shutter will seduce you with its decorative appearance and its handling.

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