The advantages of the venetien blind

Thanks to its horizontal wooden or aluminum slats, the venetian blind is ideal to modulate the outside light. Installed on a window, a bay window or a veranda, the venetian blind contributes as much to the atmosphere of a room as to its decoration. Useful during the day and at night, it also helps preserve your privacy.

Its aesthetic aspect: in wood or aluminum, the venetian blind will give a soft and muffled atmosphere to your interior. Many finishes are possible so that your venetian blinds fit in with your interior decoration.

It allows you to modulate the light to your liking in a natural way, to preserve your privacy and to protect your furniture from the sun’s rays which could cause discoloration.

The venetian blind acts as a thermal regulator thanks to its occulting and insulating properties.


Venetian blinds: For a better modulation of the light

The adjustable slats of the Venetian blind allow you to play with the sun to offer the protection and the light atmosphere of your choice. In the lowered position with the slats closed, it completely shuts out the light and completely closes the space. In the lowered position with the slats open, the Venetian blinds allow you to filter the light or let the daylight in completely. In all cases, the venetian blinds help regulate the light and temperature of your home.

Choosing the right material for a venetian blind

Aluminum Venetian Blind: Its modern look will fit perfectly in a contemporary interior. It will fit any size window or bay window. Particularly resistant and easy to maintain, it is suitable for all rooms in the house, even kitchens and bathrooms.

Wooden Venetian Blind: Made of exotic wood, it has a good resistance and good insulating properties. Wooden blinds blend in perfectly with contemporary furniture, to which they add a natural and warm decorative touch.

Motorize your venetian blind

Venetian blinds are both adjustable and liftable. It is possible to motorize it in order to facilitate its use or to automate it according to the sun exposure. The motorization of electric venetian blinds allows an easy and smooth operation to preserve your installation longer. The motorized venetian blind can contribute to a better control of the interior temperature in rooms exposed to strong sunlight. Our Venetian blinds are equipped with a silent Somfy motorization. You control with a remote control the lowered or raised position and the orientation of the blades.

We intervene in Nice and its surroundings for the installation of Venetian blinds and roller blinds. Our blinds are made to measure and will fit all your windows and all dimensions. Our craftsmen will advise you on the type of Venetian blinds best suited to your needs. In case of breakdown we intervene for the repair and the breakdown service of your venetian blind in Nice.

A hundred finishes are available in wood and aluminium to fit in with your interior.

The adjustable louvers allow you to play with the sunlight to offer the protection and lighting ambience of your choice.

Also made to measure, they can be operated manually or fitted with a silent remote-controlled motor.

Servibat, Somfy Expert, offers exclusively Somfy motors with a warranty of 5 to 7 years and ensuring optimal installation that will allow you to enjoy all the services of the connected home Somfy “Home Motion”.

Venetian Blinds

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