Glass balustrades Nice & Villefranche sur mer

The glass railing is first and foremost an installation intended to secure users of a staircase, a balcony, a roof or even a terrace by protecting them from the void. Used indoors or outdoors, the glass railing is also a decorative element.

Indoor glass railing

Indoor glass railings allow you to demarcate a space and secure a staircase or floor. The use of glass allows you to maintain the impression of space and brightness thanks to its transparency. Glass balustrades are ideal for modern lofts and apartments with mezzanines, as well as contemporary homes. In fact, glass suits all styles, it allows you to modernize a classic interior, and it becomes a design element in a more modern home.

Glass railing for indoor stairs

In your apartment or house, glass railings constitute a real decorative element. While making your movements from one floor to another safer, you benefit from a touch of light to illuminate your interior. The glass railing for indoor stairs is the perfect combination of design and safety. It fits perfectly with a contemporary home. Almost invisible, the glass railing for indoor stairs allows you to maintain the perspective of your interior and the view of the panorama while remaining transparent.

Designer glass railing for interior

The glass railing brings a timeless design to your home. Glass goes very well with other materials such as aluminium or wood. The use of glass for interior railings brings a unique style to your home while maintaining maximum visibility and brightness.

Designer glass railing for interior

The glass railing brings a timeless design to your home. Glass goes very well with other materials such as aluminium or wood. The use of glass for interior railings brings a unique style to your home while maintaining maximum visibility and brightness.


Glass mezzanine railing

The mezzanine is a great way to expand your living space and decorate your living room. It is an original choice which will make your interior rather unique. The mezzanine railing will play the main role in the decoration of your apartment. In glass, it will create a lot of style and define a definitely modern and designer atmosphere. In addition, the glass mezzanine railing prevents your space from shrinking thanks to its transparency. In a large number of cases the stair railings naturally pass into mezzanine railings.

Outdoor glass railing

Outside, the glass railing will provide a clear view and modernize your exterior. You will appreciate the natural light and the landscape thanks to the glass walls of your safe guardrail. The guardrails are designed to protect you while allowing you to enjoy an outdoor space that seems limitless. Servibat glass railings are quality products specially developed for each architectural project. Glass to favor space and the view, stainless steel or aluminum to guarantee the solidity of the work and the aesthetics.

Glass railings for balconies and terraces

The guardrail for terrace and balcony allows you to secure an outdoor space and dress it up. It also allows you to define a terrace. The glass railing has the advantage of being transparent and therefore extending the space. Minimalist and almost invisible, the full glass railing is the only one that allows you to have a completely unobstructed view while providing maximum protection. It also brings a modern touch to the exterior of your home.

Glass railing for outdoor stairs

The guardrail for outdoor stairs is an essential safety element, it is placed between the staircase and the gap to prevent a fall. The railing for outdoor stairs can also be a real decorative element. Made of glass, it brings a contemporary touch to your exterior. The advantage of glass railing for outdoor stairs is that it blends perfectly with all types of materials, and remains very discreet.

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garde-corps-piscine nice

Glass pool guardrail

Essential for safety, glass pool guardrails help prevent an accidental fall into a pool. A real protective device, glass pool guardrails can also become a decorative element for your exterior. Glass railings adapt to all exteriors and will add character to your garden.

The installation of glass barriers for swimming pools is regulated, the height of the swimming pool barrier must be at least:

  • 1.10 m from the crosspiece.
  • 1.22 m from the ground: ground clearance must be between 25 and 102 mm.
  • The shingles must be spaced a maximum of 102 mm apart.
  • The gate will measure at least 1 meter wide.

The design of glass railings

The glass guardrail is the only solid guardrail to provide total visibility. Used outdoors it allows you to fully enjoy a view on a terrace or balcony. Indoors, the glass railing will avoid breaking up a space, and will keep the size of the rooms while providing more security. We offer a range of discreet and recessed profiles which allow the installation of specific glazing for guardrails without posts. Almost invisible, they allow you to maintain the perspective of your interior and the view of the panorama while remaining transparent. These all-glass railings will fit naturally into the decor of your project.


Custom glass railings

Custom glass railings allow you to completely adapt to the architecture of your home. Many finishes are possible in order to create a unique project, you will be able to choose the thickness of the glass, the size of the glass panels, the height of the panels, while respecting the standards in force. You can also choose a custom glass railing with or without posts. Finally, the choice of handrail and the material used will give the final touch to your customizable guardrail.


Glass railing without post

For a minimalist design, we offer a range of glass railings without posts, and without handrails if you wish. The postless glass railing allows light to pass through without any visual obstacle and provides a completely unobstructed view. Ideal for use indoors and outdoors, the postless railing is particularly trendy in modern architecture.

Glass railings, standards and safety

Made to measure, our contemporary railings combining stainless steel posts and laminated glass offer you the safety of a robust product and the elegance of designer and durable materials. The glass used for railings is laminated glass, composed of 2 or more sheets of simple or tempered glass, separated by one or more plastic films called PVB. It has better impact resistance and allows shards to adhere to the PVB film in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of shrapnel-related injuries.

All our glass railings meet current safety standards by respecting the dimensions, the type of glass used as well as its thickness.


Maintenance of glass railings

Glass railing requires a little more maintenance than railing made of another material. In fact, to remain aesthetic, the glass panels must be cleaned from time to time. Maintenance still remains easy, glass railings can be cleaned like windows.

For a better aesthetic result we can offer Saint-Gobain, Bioclean glazing. This self-cleaning glass consists of clear or extra-clear glass on which a thin metallic layer is deposited that is transparent, photocatalytic and hydrophilic. This glazing makes your guardrails truly easy to maintain. Aesthetically, the lenses are clearer and cleaner.


Installation of glass railings in Nice

We carry out your glass railing project on the French Riviera, and in other regions according to your requests. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we provide the appropriate response to your needs. Our glass railings meet NF safety standards and professional quality requirements.

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