Metal Curtains Nice & Villefranche sur mer

Device designed to ensure the protection of garages, shops and stores, metal shutters constitute highly sophisticated closing systems. Between the multiple options for protecting storefronts and entrances that exist, metal shutters emerge as the best choice. However, to fully benefit from the advantages of this type of installation, it is necessary to choose high quality systems.

Installation of metal curtains

Present in Nice and covering the entire department 06, Servibat offers ultra-high performance metal curtains. So, whether for domestic use or to protect entrances to professional premises, our company has the appropriate metal curtains. Call our company’s teams for the installation of your metal shutters, adopt the ideal reflex.

specialiste rideaux metalliques nice

Offering a diversity of models of metal shutters

The expertise of the Servibat company in the installation and installation of metal shutters is recognized both in Nice and in many other cities. With several years of experience in this field, we now occupy an essential leadership position. As such, we offer our customers several models of metal shutters. Each of these has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other models. Concretely, for your protection needs, you have the choice between the metal curtain with solid slats, the openwork metal curtain and the mesh one.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the choice of metal shutters as a protective device constitutes a particularly advantageous option. Indeed, metal shutters are easy to use. The models available to you are fully motorized. The user can remote control them or direct them using a key control.

Highly secure devices

To protect entrances to garages, shops and stores, individuals or legal entities have the choice between several options. But among these, metal curtains stand out as the solution of excellence from a security point of view.

Our company provides its customers with metal curtains that comply with French standards. In addition, our metal curtains can be used to equip establishments intended to accommodate the public. This is concrete proof of their resistance and remarkable solidity.


Servibat Company: expertise and know-how

The installation of metal shutters is an intervention that requires advanced professional skills. The professional responsible for carrying out this type of work must have sufficient professional experience to carry out the work successfully.

At Servibat , all these conditions of expertise and know-how are met. Our intervention teams are in fact made up of professionals recruited carefully. From field technicians to the most experienced engineers, a special place is given to excellence in the execution of services for each client.

Servibat Company: offering an immediate quote

The reputation of the Servibat company in terms of installation and installation of metal curtains is based on a set of human values.
For a repair or installation of metal curtains, request your quote from our company. A technical sales representative will immediately take care of processing your request.

To better protect your garage we offer you the metal shutter with solid slats.

We also offer several openwork and mesh models, particularly for the protection of businesses and stores . Epoxy paint allows you to obtain the color of your choice. Of course motorized, it can be remotely controlled or managed by key control and equipped with specific closures . Our metal curtains meet French standards and can be fitted to establishments open to the public.

Somfy Expert

Servibat, Somfy Expert, offers you exclusively Somfy motors with a 5 to 7 year warranty and the assurance of optimal installation which will allow you to take full advantage of all the services of the Somfy “Home Motion” connected home

Dickson approved window specialist

Servibat, an approved Dickson storiste, offers you a wide choice of Made In France canvas guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Make an appointment and request your quote

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