The mosquito net becomes an essential protection against mosquitoes and all types of insects.

Our manufacturers MSL and MARITON, offer different models adaptable to all your openings. These high quality custom-made products allow an excellent protection while keeping an excellent light transmission so as not to alter the view and the brightness of your interior.

We have the latest products and innovations to protect small and large openings by different mechanisms.


Custom-made mosquito screens for doors, windows and bay windows

Thus, we offer different models of mosquito nets adaptable to each type of opening:

  • The mosquito net with a fixed fabric that can be removed for all your small windows
  • The sliding screen adapted to your small and large windows
  • The vertical or lateral roll-up screen with a regulated rein for a smooth roll-up, and also pleated screens.

Some models can be motorized with the help of motion detection sensors

Customised Mosquito Net Installation in Nice