Glass tiles in Nice & Villefranche sur mer

Glass tiles for the floor allow you to highlight a room. The glass floor can be used to highlight a cellar or enhance a dark room in your house. The transparent glass floor will make your home unique and rare!

Dalle de verre pour le sol

Les dalles de verre pour le sol sont une solution à la fois esthétique et original pour votre intérieur. Elles permettent de faire entrer la lumière chez vous par le biais de carrelages en verre. Les dalles de verre ne se limitent plus aux parois verticales, comme on a l’habitude d’en trouver dans la salle de bain, ou en cloison séparatrices dans certain logement.

Plancher de verre

Un plancher en verre est composé de dalles de verre demandant une pose rigoureuse par des spécialistes connaissant les règles de sécurité strictes. Le plancher en verre couvre habituellement de petites surfaces du sol, rarement l’intégralité. Le poids des dalles constitue une limite aux dimensions que vous choisirez. En effet au-delà d’un mètre carré par dalle la manutention et la pose deviennent compliquées.


Glass slab for ceiling

Glass slabs can be used for the ceiling, between two floors or for the roof to create a skylight.

Glass ceiling tiles to create a skylight

Glass ceiling tiles are the ideal solution for a low-light home, both aesthetic and practical. This allows you to create a real well of light in your home. Glass ceiling tiles beautify your interior and bring light to places where it is lacking.

Custom glass slabs in Nice

Many finishing possibilities are available for your custom glass slabs in order to obtain the best visual which will adapt to your project, and which will make your home unique. Colored, screen-printed, extra-clear, broken or even lacquered glazing. These different finishes for custom glass slabs also allow you to maintain your privacy if the glass floor is placed in a bedroom or bathroom. In fact, the glass slabs will not be completely transparent but will allow light to pass through.

dalle verre ascenseur

Installation of glass slabs in Nice

We operate in Nice and surrounding areas for the installation of glass slabs. The slab is installed with a metal frame, held on all four corners. The glass slab does not sit directly on the metal frame. For better comfort and optimal sound, installers use gasket or neoprene spacers between the metal frame and the glass slab.

What glass is used to create a glass floor or ceiling?

On the ceiling and floor, the glass slabs meet specific standards which must ensure their resistance to wear and impact. We entrust these studies to Saint-Gobain Glass in order to provide a product from its LITE-FLOOR range which will guarantee the solidity of the structure and the people, particularly depending on its dimensions and the desired aesthetic. The glass slabs are made up of at least 3 laminated tempered SECURIT glazing. They are assembled by layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. The upper glazing called the protective component measures approximately 5mm thick and can be made of reduced-slip glass of the SGG SECURIT CONTACT type. The 2 lower glazings, the thicknesses of which are determined according to the project, are the load-bearing components. They guarantee the solidity of the slab. Due to its composition, glass slabs obtain very good acoustic performance. We also offer anti-UV glass slabs, real protection against the sun’s rays.

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Glass floor installation Nice & Villefranche sur mer