On the ceiling and the floor, glass slabs meet specific standards that require them to withstand wear and tear and bumps. We commission Saint-Gobain Glass to carry out such studies who supply us with a product from their LITE-FLOOR range which ensures the solidity of the structure and personal safety based on its dimensions and the visual appearance sought. Glass slabs are made from at least 3 SECURIT tempered, laminated  layers. They are assembled from interposed layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The upper layer known as a protection component measures around 5mm in width and can be made from SGG SECURIT CONTACT non-slip glass. The 2 lower layers, the thickness of which varies depending on the project, are load-bearing components. They give the slab its strength. Due to its composition, this assembly has very high acoustic and anti-UV performance. In addition to the safety aspect of this type of product, the choice of glass slab is above all a stylistic choice. Many options of finish are available to give your project the best visual appeal. Coloured, screen-printed, extra-clear, shattered effect or lacquered glass.

Glass Slabs

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