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We offer an extensive range of PVC and aluminium roller blinds.

The standard PVC roller blind offers you all of the standard colours, comfortable insulation and is lightweight thus putting less stress on the mechanism and performance of the motor.
It is smaller in size and less strong so will not offer effective protection against break-ins. It is the most economical solution.

The aluminium roller-blind can be painted any colour. The foam-filled louvers offer better insulation.
It is stronger, has louvers that come in a range of thicknesses and can come in very large sizes. Fitted with anti-lift security ties, it offers protection against break-ins.
Our organisational structure and experience mean we can carry out emergency and repair work: strap replacement, motorisation, settings and maintenance. 

We also offer a range of transparent roller blinds to take full advantage of the light and your view when the blinds are closed. These transparent blinds offer excellent protection from break-ins.


External rolling Venetian blinds

Will soon replace your traditional roller blinds. The sunbreaker with adjustable louvers offers both the performance and security of a traditional roller blind and the comfort of a Venetian blind. Adjusting the louvers offers you total black-out or, as required, allows light to enter whilst offering a degree of security and privacy. This new type of blind is perfectly suited to contemporary builds.
It will bring you satisfaction in managing the light and heat entering your home.
It is becoming a key tool in effective energy management.



Servibat, Somfy Expert, offers exclusively Somfy motors with a warranty of 5 to 7 years and ensuring optimal installation that will allow you to enjoy all the services of the connected home Somfy “Home Motion”.


Our ‘energy efficient’ certified fitting service enables you to benefit from any tax credits available under current legislation.


External Rolling Venetian blinds

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