In a contemporary villa built near Nice, we were asked to supply and install joinery and glazing equipment.

Tailor-made aluminium closure

In the case of a new-build installation for a villa offering top-of-the-range features, the choice of closures and glazing equipment helps to create consistency with the villa’s overall level of range. For this type of project, we have a wide choice of materials, colours and finishes, enabling us to respond to all our customers’ requests, and to meet the constraints set by the architects who design this type of project.

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Custom glazing

For this project we installed numerous aluminium bay windows as well as many large windows. These provide maximum light inside the villa. The bay windows were carefully selected, and in addition to their aluminium structure, they were designed so that the bottom rail is at the same height as the floor. This allows you to enter and leave the villa without the risk of being disturbed by a door threshold. Villa One is also equipped with a large glass panel on the front. This custom-designed room brings a great deal of light into a space that normally doesn’t allow it and needs to be lit. We fitted the villa with numerous pieces of glazing, a made-to-measure shower screen, mirrors in the bathrooms and a made-to-measure sauna door.

Glass railings and blinds

In addition to the glazing work, we fitted the house with glass railings that provide a completely unobstructed view and a unique design. The reverse railings were used in two ways. Firstly, in a conventional way for the terraces, and secondly, they were used on the upper floor to complement the large windows, so that once the window is open, there is protection to prevent falls. This combination of a large window and a glass balustrade combines a much greater volume of light with protection when the window is open. This is an alternative to the traditional smaller windows that are fitted to the lower part of the wall. We also fitted the villa with a monobloc blind equipped with a cap, which protects the blind when it is rolled up.


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