We were asked to help with the construction of a new house in La Gaude. Our client was looking for a company that could supply and install all the windows and doors for his future home.

Installing Windows and Shutters in a New Villa

As this is a new, contemporary building, it was necessary to combine a number of issues, including :

  1. Brightness in the house.
  2. Energy performance.
  3. The design of the shutters to match the style of the house.
  4. The overall budget for the project.

Fitting sliding aluminium windows

The largest closures, such as sliding bays, are based on an aluminium structure. The latter uses thermal break technology, which, by virtue of its design, prevents aluminium from being a thermal conductor.

As a result, the inside and outside of the closure are perfectly insulated, improving energy performance.

The sliding bays are also fitted with double glazing for enhanced thermal insulation.

All the windows and doors are fitted with Somfy shutters, which can be controlled by the TaHoma home automation box. As Somfy experts, all our installations come with a 7-year guarantee.

Fitting PVC windows

To keep within budget, we proposed PVC windows to complement the aluminium bay windows. This choice of materials is possible because our partners allow us to use two different materials in the same colour and with the same finish, in this case a textured finish. In this way, the uniformity of the design is preserved both up close and from a distance.

The windows are fitted with the same reinforced thermal insulation double glazing. As this is a new build, we were able to install the windows “surface-mounted”. This method has two main advantages. Firstly, the installation process provides better thermal insulation. Secondly, surface-mounted installation is simpler to implement and therefore less expensive for the project as a whole.


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