Adaptable to any type of architecture and with enhanced insulation performance, aluminum windows have established themselves in the carpentry landscape. Elegant and customizable, aluminum windows adapt to all types of architecture and to new construction or renovation.

Aluminum windows and sliding bay window

Aluminum allows you to respect the aesthetics and reproduce your old doors and windows for better comfort and better insulation. Aluminum windows can be customized with different options and finishes. Our craftsmen will advise you on the type of aluminum window best suited to your project

The advantages of aluminum windows and bay windows

The aesthetics of aluminum windows , they fit into all styles of living, varying the shapes, dimensions and colors. Our aluminum joinery with thermal break features the latest innovations in sound, thermal and safety insulation, complying with new regulations. We install 4/16 Argon/4 ITR gas double glazing (reinforced thermal insulation) as well as protective, security and acoustic comfort glazing. Aluminum is a durable and resistant material that guarantees performance and is insensitive to climatic variations.

The aluminum window allows for greater clarity. In fact, thanks to its very fine opening systems, aluminum allows you to increase the glazed surface of your windows, which allows more light and heat to pass through to your home. Aluminum doors, windows and sliding bay windows require little maintenance, once or twice a year, a simple cleaning with soap and water is enough to maintain their original appearance throughout the life of the window.

Custom window and bay window replacement in Nice

Aluminum windows adapt very well to a new construction project, they are the key to good thermal insulation. It is important to call a professional to avoid inappropriate installation or poor quality glazing which would result in heat loss and a significant heating budget.

Two types of renovation are possible for replacing your aluminum or PVC windows . Complete removal of the old frame: the old joinery is completely removed, this solution allows for greater clarity. It may result in additional work. Conservation of the existing frame if its condition allows it. The new frame is adjusted, fixed and sealed to the old one. The removal of your old joinery is ensured, as is the cleaning of the installation area after our team has visited. We operate in Nice and its surroundings ( Beaulieu-sur-mer , Villefranche-sur-mer, Mouginsor Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat) to install or repair your aluminum windows. All our aluminum joinery features the latest innovations in insulation.

remplacement baie vitreee alu nice servibat

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Préfal is a key player in its sector, offering a wide range of products including windows, French windows, entrance doors, picture windows and sliding doors, gates, as well as swing and roller shutters..

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The insulation of your joinery is improved by CEKAL-certified double glazing, which guarantees perfectly insulated joinery. More precisely, the CEKAL label gives a commitment to the quality of the insulation and sealing of your double glazing over a period of at least 10 years.

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Installation of Aluminium Windows & Sliding Bay Windows in Nice